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Advocacy Enriches the Life of Founding FIC Employee

Even before Kim Foy’s daughter Maggie was diagnosed with Rett syndrome at 4 years old, she reached out for help.

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Parent Allies Spread Hope by Sharing their Experience

When Lindsey Shine found The Family Involvement Center, she was 25, pregnant, and the parent of two children in the custody of the Department of Child Safety (DCS), the state’s child welfare system.

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The Joy of Giving. The Rewards of Sharing.

These values are fundamental to FIC donor Jackie Redpath. She and her husband Skip have lived in Arizona since 1987, when they left Chicago after a particularly harsh winter. Skip, who was in law enforcement, and Jackie, who has a finance background, both worked for the City of Mesa. They also were able to retire fairly young.

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Overcoming cultural barriers to benefit from mental health help

The beginning of 2020, prior even to the COVID pandemic, was particularly difficult for Lucy. She developed health problems, had trouble sleeping, and was despondent over a recent break-up with her boyfriend. She felt anxious, depressed and didn’t enjoy the normal activities in her life — all of which were new feelings for her.

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Parent Support Helps a Family Reconcile and Serve their Community

Krystal and Armando are hardworking, caring members of the Ash Fork community. They own a business and impress those who meet them with all they do to make Ash Fork a better place. “I want to give back to this community and help it to have a better reputation,” Armando said.

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FIC Family Educator Shares Personal Journey of Hope and Resilience

Lillian Armstrong will soon watch Adrian, her oldest grandson, graduate with a degree in graphic landscape engineering from Arizona State University. The occasion is certain to bring her incredible joy. After all, the day will mark a milestone that wasn’t always assured.

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FIC Parent Support Partner Gives Back to Help Others Succeed

On May 22, 2017, the day they took her two-week-old son away, Jessica Christiansen was looking forward to leaving the hospital. JJ, born 4-1/2 weeks early and substance exposed, spent the first two weeks of his life in the neonatal unit.

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Mom Succeeds Thanks to FIC Parenting Classes

Sasha wasn’t thinking about her coping skills as a parent that day in QuikTrip. It was January 5, 2015, and Sasha’s daughter, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards) was lying on the floor, screaming for a donut. Nevaeh was born with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a mood disorder, and ADHD, so this acting out wasn’t anything new. What happened on this day, though, was different.

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My passion is building strong dads

For FIC Parent Ally Sleepy Vildosola, being a dad has been central to his life’s journey — as have addiction and abuse.

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