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FIC Family Educator Shares Personal Journey of Hope and Resilience

Lillian Armstrong will soon watch Adrian, her oldest grandson, graduate with a degree in graphic landscape engineering from Arizona State University. The occasion is certain to bring her incredible joy. After all, the day will mark a milestone that wasn’t always assured.

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Parent Support Helps a Family Reconcile and Serve their Community

Krystal and Armando are hardworking, caring members of the Ash Fork community. They own a business and impress those who meet them with all they do to make Ash Fork a better place. “I want to give back to this community and help it to have a better reputation,” Armando said.

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Parent Allies Spread Hope by Sharing their Experience

When Lindsey Shine found The Family Involvement Center, she was 25, pregnant, and the parent of two children in the custody of the Department of Child Safety (DCS), the state’s child welfare system.

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