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Your partner for securing emotional, physical and behavioral healthcare in Arizona

When you or someone in your family has emotional, physical or behavioral health challenges, getting help (or even asking for it) can be hard. So we simplify the process for you, ensuring you get the care you need, regardless of where you live in Arizona.

You see, we’re a family-run organization driven by parents who’ve been in your position. Whether you’re struggling with a child diagnosed with autism, working to regain custody from DCS raising your grandchildren, or just need parenting classes to refine your skills, we know what you’re going through.

The Family Involvement Center makes it easier for you to:
Take parenting classes
Receive counseling
Get support before/after and IEP or 504 Plan meeting
Secure help with DCS case, Juvenile Justice or DDD struggles
Give your child life skills
... and so much more
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Jane Kallal has served as the Executive Director of Family Involvement Center for 21 years, and has strongly advocated for families in Arizona and nationwide for over 40 years. While raising her own children, Jane experienced significant challenges and barriers to getting her children (and herself) what they needed to thrive. She saw that family voice and choice is not always recognized, so she founded FIC, where families are encouraged to learn and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise gained from lived experience.
Jane has resigned from the Executive Director role to focus on continuing to advocate for children and their families.  Jane’s wealth of knowledge & experience will continue to be a gift to families both in Arizona and across the nation. We wish her well in this new chapter of life!

In Jane’s words:  “I am writing you today to share that over the last few months I have realized that my passion and key interests in continuing my journey has changed significantly, and that continuing as Executive Director is not where I want to use my energy, knowledge and skills…..Please be assured that I intend to continue to stay connected in formal or informal ways with FIC that relate to system-of-care improvement initiatives in Arizona and nationally --- only on a much smaller scale.”

Welcome Deidre

The Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that Deidre Calcoate has accepted our invitation to move from the role of Interim Executive Director to the role of permanent Executive Director.   As previously stated in her introduction as Interim ED, Deidre brings a wealth of experience and passion to the role. We are excited for the future as we work together to serve families in Arizona who are facing significant and overwhelming challenges.

The Board of Directors congratulates Karin Kline, Patti Richie-Williams, and Judge (Ret.) Colleen McNally as they complete six years of service to Family Involvement Center.  We are grateful for their commitment to FIC and to the children and families of Arizona!  

The Board is recruiting new directors
if interested, click here for more information.  

What are parent peer support providers and what do they do?

This concise animation from FREDLA and the TA Network clarifies the role and functions of parent peer support providers as they collaborate with families within child-serving systems.

NOW HIRING DADS: Family Involvement Center is looking for A FEW GOOD MEN.

Are you a father or a father-figure who has supported a child through mental health, behavioral health, special education, child welfare, juvenile justice, or other systems involvement?

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Our Parent-led groups offer you the education and support you need.

Parents are often faced with fear and uncertainty when they hear a medical or mental health diagnosis for their child.  FIC is here to help. Our Parent-led groups offer education and support to help...

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Need help but don't know where to start?

Speak with someone who has been where you are; who has felt hopeless and powerless. We can provide support for any parenting or caregiver situation. We can also provide resources and direction to other supports in your community...

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Parent Assistance Center is here to help you

Our parent assistance center is available to all Arizona Parents/Family Members - Warmline support, walk-ins, email, website and virtual (self referral). We offer outreach, information,eligibilty and enrollment assistance to child-serving agencies seeking help for the families they serve. Our focus is on parent/family peer support and care coordination services. Call us at 602-288-0155 or fill out our contact form and someone will reach out to you.

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