A ‘voice’ for Arizona families dealing with emotional, physical or behavioral challenges

It’s never easy asking for help

In 2002, I created the Family Involvement Center after years of experiencing this struggle first-hand.

You see, my children grew up with many challenges, one had many behavioral health challenges and the other had physical health challenges. Since their childhoods, we’ve been on a continuous journey.

The idea for FIC came from many years working with my children’s teachers, youth leaders and doctors, helping them understand their situations.

I realized that if I was having difficulties understanding their behaviors that their teachers and those working with them were likely having issues too. So I spent lots of time at the school, researching the causes behind my children’s behaviors and working with their teachers on solutions.

This experience led to an epiphany:

The professionals working with my children always felt that they had to have answers. They believed they needed to tell me (and other parents) what would work. Yet I felt like parents’ thoughts and ideas were overlooked.

So I started the Family Involvement Center to ensure the family “voice” is heard. I call it “the family movement,” where families are encouraged to learn and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

Today, FIC is a family-run, nonprofit organization where more than 51% of our Board of Directors are parents with lived experience navigating child-serving systems. Also, most FIC staff members have direct experience parenting children who needed the services of multiple social and public service agencies.

As a result, our staff understands what you’re going through. They’ve been in your position. They can provide stability, while speaking from a place of compassion.

So whether you’re struggling with a child diagnosed with autism, working to regain custody from CPS, raising your grandchildren, or just need parenting classes to refine your skills, we know what you’re going through -- and we’re here to help you.

All you have to do is ask. Most FIC services are free.

So contact us today to start getting the help you need.

Jane Kallal
Executive Director, Family Involvement Center

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