A ‘voice’ for Arizona families dealing with emotional, physical or behavioral challenges

Established in 2002, the Family Involvement Center was founded from a deeply personal journey. Witnessing the trials faced by her own children – one grappling with behavioral health issues, the other with physical health challenges – inspired our founder, Jane Kallal, to take decisive action.

Through extensive collaboration with educators, youth leaders, and healthcare professionals, Jane sought to shed light on her children's circumstances. It became evident that the struggle to understand and address their needs resonated with many within their support network.

This realization sparked a profound shift: recognizing that professionals often felt pressured to possess all the answers, inadvertently sidelining the invaluable insights of parents. Thus, the Family Involvement Center was established, championing a paradigm where the family voice is paramount.

Today, the FIC stands as a bastion of empathy and understanding. Governed by a Board of Directors, over half of whom are parents with direct experience navigating the complexities of child-serving systems, our organization is fueled by a team predominantly comprised of individuals who have walked similar paths. Their expertise is matched only by their genuine compassion.

Whether families are contending with the intricacies of autism, navigating challenging CPS custody battles, raising grandchildren, or simply seeking to refine their parenting skills, the FIC understands. We've been there. And we're here to offer support.

At the FIC, assistance transcends mere service; it is a steadfast commitment. Most of our offerings are provided free of charge, reflecting our steadfast dedication to standing by families in their times of need.

We eagerly anticipate the future under the leadership of our esteemed Executive Director, Deidre Calcoate. With a rich background of experience and an unwavering passion for our mission, Deidre leads our team with dedication and vision. Together, we collaborate to serve families in Arizona who are confronting significant and daunting challenges.

We invite families to reach out today and take the first step towards the support and guidance they rightfully deserve.

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