Support to help you and your child heal after a traumatic event

When children experience some form of trauma, parents often struggle with how to best help them. This can be any event that is emotionally upsetting or harmful, and the effects can last a long time. Fortunately, children can recover with help.

Healing the Hurts Arizona, a program of Family Involvement Center, can provide support and strength to both you and your child as you work through an emotionally difficult experience. What makes our program strong is that we practice a holistic approach to child counseling. This means your whole family can receive support.

As everyone is able to better understand your child’s behaviors, you will all gain increased clarity about the situation.  This will help your family build trust and feel safe again. Remember, not all children are able to share how they feel following an emotionally stressful situation. Watch for changes in your child’s behavior, such as:

• Unusual sleeping or eating habits
• Aggression or withdrawal from others
• Depression
• Self-harm
• New fears or anxieties
• Poor school performance
• Engaging in risky activities

As a parent, your support matters more than ever after a traumatic experience. If you are concerned about the changes you see in your child’s behavior or have questions about how to best help, contact us today. We can help you and your child heal.

Here is a sample of the challenges that can lead to noticeable behavior changes:

• Death of a parent
• Divorce
• Incarcerated parent
• Parents with a substance use or abuse
• Child welfare involvement
• Physical or emotional neglect
• Separation from parents/family
• Homelessness
• Loss of a home due to fire or flood
• Emotional, physical or sexual abuse
• Violent crimes  

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