Providing fathers with the parenting skills to create nurtured families

Fathers sharing their parenting perspectives, knowledge and experience can be really valuable for other fathers. But it isn’t always easy for fathers to find this type of support. The other challenge is, many men just aren’t used to sharing their genuine struggles with other men.

We provide support for men who are currently fathers, guardians or expecting dads, regardless of age, who want to improve their skills as a father, parent, partner and man. Fathers will learn how to change their attitudes, knowledge and skills, helping them become better men.

Our program follows the Nurturing Fathers curriculum, which is a 13-week, evidence-based training course. Through activities and discussions, participants will learn to address their history of fatherhood and manhood and adopt new, more nurturing fathering practices.

This support and mentoring includes:
  • Exploring ways to resolve conflict while creating safe and nurtured families.
  • Strategies for successful child behavior management and providing a loving environment.
  • Achieving cooperation and teamwork in a family setting.
  • Avoiding arguments and fighting through conflict-resolution strategies.
  • Connecting fathers to resources, including counseling services, to help navigate dependency or family court.
For fathers struggling or new to recovery, we provide all of the above support and can connect you with additional resources to help you heal.

Groups meet at Family Involvement Center, 5333 N. 7th St., Suite A100, Phoenix and virtually. Participation is free.

Additional information is available by contacting the Family Involvement Center Parent Assistance Center at 1-877-568-8468.
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