Talk to someone today who has been where you are who really listens and understands how you're feeling.

● Need to find housing, a job, food, or access to other resources?
● Are you involved with any of the courts for yourself, your child or a family member?
● Are you a parent, an adoptive or foster parent or kinship caregiver who just needs support?
● Are you caring for a loved one who has a medical or mental health diagnosis and feel like you are all alone?
● Do not know how to apply for state or government benefits like Medicaid, food stamps, cash assistance?  

Family Involvement Center is staffed by individuals who have personal experience in many areas including:

● Parents/caregivers of children with unique behavioral, emotional, physical or medical challenges

● Staff who have faced their own challenges with mental health, medical services, legal issues, court involvement, DCS/CPS involvement, homelessness, Domestic Violence, etc.

You will receive support and compassion while talking to someone who has lived your journey. Be reassured that our staff have also received specialized training to assist you in any of the challenges you may be facing.

Our Warmline support personnel have experience navigating health care and mental/behavioral health systems, school systems, the different justice departments, family courts, the Department of Child Safety, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, foster care and more. We ensure your voice is heard and you’re involved in decisions about your life or your child's life.

No referral process is required to connect to our services. This service is free.

Request support today by clicking on the button below or calling 877-568-8468.

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FIC would like to thank CVS Health and Aetna for supporting our Parent Assistance Center.
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