Need help but don't know where to start?

“I had no idea where to turn when my child was diagnosed with a learning delay.”-Mary, mom of 12year old Chantel.  

“I was just asked to be the guardian of my grandchildren and I don’t know where to start.”  -Thomas, grandfather of three.  

“Mi nieto acaba de ser arrestado y puesto en el hospital.  ¿Como puedo ayudarlo?” -Rosilla, abuela of José.

Family Involvement Center is here to help!  Click here to speak to a parent with lived experience. Someone who has been where you are; who has felt hopeless and powerless.  We can provide support for any parenting or caregiver situation.  We can also provide resources and direction to other supports in your community.  Reach out to us today!  We are here for YOU!

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