Dad Together Program Highlighted on FOX 10 Phoenix

In the vibrant state of Arizona, parents have access to a variety of programs designed to support and uplift them in their parenting journeys. Among these, Dad Together stands out for its exceptional focus on fathers, providing them with resources, support, and a community to thrive as parents. Recently, this outstanding program was showcased on FOX 10 Phoenix, shining a light on its invaluable contributions to Arizona families.

Dad Together is dedicated to fostering stronger relationships between fathers and their children. Recognizing the unique challenges and responsibilities that fathers face, the program offers a range of services including parenting workshops, support groups, and community events. These initiatives are designed to help dads develop effective parenting skills, build meaningful connections with their children, and find a supportive network of fellow fathers.

The recent feature on FOX 10 Phoenix brought well-deserved attention to the Dad Together Program. During the exclusive coverage, viewers were introduced to the program’s mission and the positive impact it has had on many families. Our own Edward Casillas was interviewed during the segment, providing valuable insights into the program and its significance. Edward Casillas spoke passionately about the goals and successes of the initiative. He shared, “Dad Together is more than just a program; it’s a community where fathers can come together, support each other, and grow as parents. We’re proud to offer a space where dads can find the resources and connections they need to be the best parents they can be.”

For more details about the feature, you can watch the full segment on the FOX 10 Phoenix website.

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