Community Time Exchange

CTElogoFamily Involvement Center is proud to host the Community Time Exchange - a time banking program funded by St. Luke’s Health Initiatives. The Community Time Exchange offers a way to exchange services with friends, neighbors and the community at no cost to you, except your time. When you give an hour of your time to help someone else, you earn an hour to receive a service that will help you. It’s that simple.

For example, every hour you spend helping a member of the Time Exchange with (for example) their garden, flipping mattresses, or hooking up a television – you earn (or bank) an hour to receive a service that you need. Maybe you need a business card made, your lawn mower repaired, or help with your taxes – you can use the hours you have earned helping others to receive any service being offered by another member of the Time Exchange.

Membership is free to individuals, families, groups, churches, schools, agencies, and businesses in the community. Organizations can raise awareness and increase volunteerism by participating. Join the Community Time Exchange today and help build a stronger community!

Family Involvement Center is proud to host the Community Time Exchange as it reflects our values by:
•    Supporting Parent and Youth Empowerment
cte•    Connecting Members to Natural Community Supports and Community Resources
•    Encouraging Active Life Styles and Healthy Eating
•    Building Partnerships between Community Members and Service Agencies (Including Health Care)

Free Community Time Exchange Orientation and Informational meetings are available for groups, communities, businesses, or individuals. Be proactive - become a Community Time Exchange member, join the Advisory Team, and/or become a Coordinator of the Time Exchange! Contact Anna Tracy at 602.412.4090 or for more information.