Other Family-Run Organizations

Outside of Arizona

Family Involvement Center is recognized throughout the United States for its expertise in the design, implementation, and assessment of family-driven systems of care and the infrastructures required to establish and sustain them. Governing bodies, such as FREDLA, SAMHSA, and CHCS, as well as other family-run agencies look to us for training and consultation services.

jane-wExecutive Director, Jane Kallal, who serves on the FREDLA Board, has co-authored numerous papers, has been interviewed on national television, is considered a trailblazer and seen as a prime resource by colleagues at all levels of family-driven care planning. Jane and our training staff provide consultation services as well as a wide-range of tailor-made workshops and trainings for other communities, agencies, and professionals in the field. Whether your organization is brand new to Parent-to-Parent support services, in the process of developing infrastructures to support Parent-to-Parents services, or is looking to enhance services it currently offers, we offer guidance and expertise that can help you reach your goals.

In Arizona

Family Involvement Center has been vital to incorporating parent support structures in Arizona’s systems of care for more than a decade. Today we provide training for Parent Partners (Maricopa) and Family Support Partners (Northern Arizona) as well as other professionals working with children and families in the behavioral and physical health care systems. Such trainings include: 8 Core Skills, Code of Ethics Training; Core Skills Training, 20 Skills Specific to Parent-to-Parent Support Roles; and Essentials Training, 20 Skills Specific to Parent-to-Parent Support Roles.

Contact Toni Donelly, FIC’s Director of Training and Innovation, at 602.412.4074 or toni@familyinvolvementcenter.org to learn more about our training and consultation services. Or, visit our Training Institute web page for a full list of the trainings we offer.