Family Members

“You cannot truly understand another man completely until you have walked a mile in his moccasins”  

Native American Proverb

Family Involvement Center is a not for profit, family-run organization  where 95% of the staff employed  are raising or have raised children with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges and are dedicated to supporting other families facing similar life challenges so no parent/caregiver has to go through their journey alone.

We dedicate ourselves to meeting families where they are at, inspiring hope and providing unconditional support. We share our own personal story when it can be helpful. In addition, we tirelessly work to reduce the isolation, shame and blame that families often experience by connecting families with other families facing similar circumstances. We also passionately strive to eliminate the bias and stigma associated with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges by creating awareness and interrupting bias when it occurs.

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Family-Driven Care ~ Defined

SAMHSA working definition and guiding principles of Recovery