Meet the Staff

Jane Kallal
jane-wExecutive Director

In 2001, following a class action lawsuit, Jane became instrumental in transforming Arizona's behavioral health system for children. Focused efforts began by building collaboration with families. Since that time, Jane has been integral in creating Arizona's behavioral health infrastructure including the design, delivery, and monitoring of services.

In 2002, Jane established Family Involvement Center, which now holds contracts with both state and local entities. Today through the efforts of Family Involvement Center, Arizona families are now involved in multiple aspects of federal, state, and local policy and program development, staff education and consultation, service delivery, quality management, and practice improvement of the behavioral health system.

Jane is the parent of an adult daughter with serious behavioral health needs identified early in her life. Living with the challenges of raising a child with severe behavioral health issues has been Jane's inspiration to become an active family advocate, educator, community spokesperson, and systems transformation leader.

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Antoinette T. Donnelly (Toni)
toniDirector of Training and Innovation

Toni oversees FIC's Traning Institute and brings energy to the creative programs she develops. These programs include family education series, practice improvement reviews, youth leadership development projects, trainings for Family Involvement Center staff and family members employed in roles within the children's behavioral health system and more. Toni also facilitates events such as family-professional partnership workshops and children's mental health awareness activities.

Additionally, Toni develops curriculum and trains and facilitates educational series and workshops. She also provides local and national technical assistance around parent-to-parent support and family leadership in the behavioral health system. Toni is passionate about Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and Week.  She collaborates with several organizations to plan and coordinate events that promote awareness that Children’s Mental Health Matters. Toni’s professional credentials include certification as a Train the Trainer for Cultural Competency (Arizona) and ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and Mental Health First Aid Training.

Toni’s most important role has been raising three sons with emotional and behavioral health challenges. She and her children have had experience in both the public and private sectors of behavioral health. Her advocacy as a parent on behalf of her children, coupled with her growing ability to navigate the behavioral health system, have compelled Toni to become actively involved in the family movement. She has worked in the children’s behavioral health field for 13 years.

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Tom Cummins
Clinical Director

Tom joined the Family Involvement Center as a consultant in 2015. Tom is a licensed clinical social worker and has enjoyed a 25 plus year career working in behavioral health field and in state government. He currently owns and operates a behavioral health consulting firm providing short-term project management services to behavioral health managed care organizations, provider agencies, peer and family-run organizations, and tribal communities.

As a member of the FIC leadership team, Tom provides clinical oversight and direction to staff providing parent-to-parent support and youth services. Tom is the parent of an adult son who has received behavioral health services through both the public and private sectors. He has been an advocate for persons living with mental illness throughout his career and was involved in early system transformation efforts in Arizona.

Denise Baker
deniseAssociate Director of Training and Innovation

Denise is a parent of a young adult son who experiences multiple cognitive and mental health challenges, and has been the inspiration for Denise’s life career.  Denise began advocating for families in school settings as a volunteer in 1997, and began working full time in Arizona’s public behavioral health system in 2002.  Denise’s roles have included peer parent support, case management, supervision, team coaching, and serving as program director in launching and developing new parent support and family involvement programs and services.  Denise has presented at multiple national conferences on topics connected to the development of peer parent support and youth and family involvement programs.  Denise received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in 2003, and is currently pursuing a Master of Counseling degree from the University of Phoenix and looks forward to providing professional counseling services to parents of children with unique needs.  Denise enjoys spending free time with her son, daughter, husband and two granddaughters.

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Trish Riner
trishaNorthern Arizona Program Manager

Trish is the parent of three children. Her oldest son began receiving behavioral health services shortly after moving to Arizona in 1999. Living in a small community in Northern Arizona Trisha quickly realized the importance of connecting with other parents raising children with similar needs.

In 2002 she worked with other parents in her community to build partnerships between parents and professionals.  These partnerships helped bring a wonderful summer literacy program to children with special needs and their siblings living in the Chino Valley area. She has worked on a variety of projects and committees to help ensure families in all areas of Northern Arizona have a voice in the care and treatment of their children.

Raising her now adult son, Trish learned to navigate the Division of Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Health. She has personal experience with Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and state hospital placements and with the challenges families face transitioning between placements in and out of the home. Trish also understands the need for integrated care - addressing emotional, physical and behavioral health needs concurrently. Her son's medical needs were a contributing factor to his behavioral health. Eventually he received a correct medical diagnosis and effective medical treatment which has dramatically improved his behavioral health as well as his overall health and happiness.

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Kim Foy
KimFoy-wParent Support Services Program Manager

Kim is the parent of two sons, both with behavioral health needs and a daughter that was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, which brought her into the world of children’s advocacy serving in policy and program advisory roles.  These include the Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Program Review Committee, Human Rights Committee and the Dream Team.  She is a certified trainer for Behavior Building.  Kim was employed at Raising Special Kids for five years as a family support facilitator supporting parents in their journey of learning and advocating for their children using her advocacy training in Special Education and Accommodations.

Kim has been associated with children’s behavioral health transformation and the family movement since 2000.  She and others with extensive experience in providing Parent-to-Parent support as volunteers in the community were asked to participate with a group of contracted Parent Leaders to develop the role of the Family Support Partner and later the role of Parent Partner.

In 2007 she and her coworker presented at the Portland Training Institute on Peer Parent Support in conjunction with Youth Mentor Support to provide families an opportunity to accomplish the objectives outlined in their Support Plan.  In 2009 she was 1 of 5 parents selected from Maricopa County to serve as a member on the National Policy Academy on Family-Driven Care, and developed protocols from which the state utilized to establish policies, procedures, contracts and System of Care Plans for the state of Arizona.

Kim has been an active participant within the family movement for her expertise in Parent-to-Parent support, youth guided services and building capacity for family leadership within the children’s behavioral health system and was recognized for being a "Children's System Family Leader” by the Arizona Department of Behavioral Health's Office of Individual and Family Affairs.

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Betty Hurtado
Betty HurtadoDirector of Parent Support & Family Education

Betty is the parent of a son who received a behavioral health diagnosis at an early age. She has navigated the educational and behavioral health systems to address her child’s needs and utilizes those experiences to support other parents and families.

Betty is manager of the Parent Assistance Center (PAC) at Family Involvement Center. In this role she oversees the support and assistance provided by our team of on site Parent Partners both in person and by telephone. Through PAC, she is also responsible for the coordination of support groups, trainings and classes offered to parents/caregivers, professionals and community members at FIC.

Betty has worked in the behavioral health field for 10 years. She has a B.A. degree in psychology and extensive professional experience as an Intensive Case Manager, Family Support Partner, Coordinator or Lead for Practice Improvement Reviews, and Supervisor of Parent Partners and Youth Mentors. In addition, she is a Certified Parent Support Provider, Certified facilitator of Strengthening Families and Communities, Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets Trainer, and a Salsa, Sabor, y Salud Trainer.

Angelica Noriega
Angleica-wWorkforce Development Manager

Angelica is the parent of three children, two of whom have behavioral health needs. Through the personal understanding she has gained raising her own children, Angelica is able to share experiences that inspire hope and help others feel less isolated.

Angelica has worked in the public behavioral health field for the past 15 years. Currently, she is the coordinator for the Parent Assistance Center at Family Involvement Center. Angelica provides parent-to-parent support; helping families navigate behavioral health and other systems and assisting them in finding their voice. Angelica collaborates with system partners and plays an active role in engaging parents and helping families connect with each other and their community.

Angelica has a gift for serving, understanding needs and inspiring hope in families. She has been instrumental in promoting family voice, providing families with valuable information, support and resources and in promoting non-adversarial advocacy. Her passion is working within the Latino community as she previously facilitated Family Involvement Center's strong Latino support group. This group increased participation from its inception in large part due to her active role engaging families.

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Lynette Tolliver
Integrated Health Projects Director

Lynette has served as a tireless advocate for her 20 year old son since he was first diagnosed with Autism prior to his second birthday. Her husband of 27 years has been an equally committed champion and an incredible source of support. Together they have four adult children who they are very proud of. The elder three are involved with and supportive of their youngest brother. Their incredible journey as parents has included many moments of triumph and joy as well as tears and despair. Nevertheless, they are blessed and more resilient, patient, and passionate people because of the beauty, accomplishments, and tenacity of all of their children.

In addition to Autism, their youngest son has co-occurring mental illnesses including schizoaffective disorder and anxiety, as well as physical health diagnoses, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Migraine Associated Vertigo, which are induced by the onset of stress and anxiety. Throughout his childhood he received a variety of supports including special education accommodations through the educational system. Today, he receives ongoing services from multiple systems such as Arizona Long Term Care, The Division of Developmental Disabilities, and Behavioral Health. Based on her lived experience as mother, advocate, and guardian to her son, Lynette understands all too well the importance of addressing integrated health needs and knowing how to navigate dual systems of care in order to achieve whole health for individuals and their families.

Additionally, this journey led Lynette and her family to share a broader goal of assisting other families in the system of care. In 2000, she and her husband became therapeutic foster parents in the behavioral health system. In 2003, she began working in a group home setting, through which she was first introduced to Family Involvement Center (FIC). The following year she was recruited as a Family Support Partner in the Behavioral Health System. Then, in 2005, she joined the staff at FIC as a Family Support Coach and, based on her previous professional experience and personal passion, was promoted to a leadership role. She expanded her capacity as a leader working for the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) from 2007 to 2014 in a project director role as the Governance Board Administrator. During that time, she advocated for parent/peer voice at the highest level and spearheaded a next level leadership initiative regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment and needs within the RBHA.

When her son turned 18 years old, she took some personal time to assist him in the transition to the adult system and, once he was successfully transitioned, followed her passion and returned to FIC. Currently, Lynette assists individuals, families and the system as a whole with initiatives, goals, and outcomes related to integrated health and with transitioning youth to adult services. She also serves as the Project Director for the Statewide Family Network Grant. Two of her children have followed in her footsteps by choosing careers in social services and healthcare based on their experiences as siblings. Her family's journey continues as does their desire to help other families facing similar circumstances.

Domingo Santos
Parent Support Services Program Manager

Domingo is the parent of a young adult served by the public behavioral health system and the Division of Developmental Disabilities. His son was born on Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath in the United Kingdom where Domingo was stationed as an Aircraft Electrician in the United States Air Force. At the age of 2, his son received a behavioral health diagnosis setting Domingo and his family on a new path working with the military behavioral health system under the Exceptional Family Member Program.

When Domingo was reassigned to Luke Air Force base in Arizona, he and his son began a long journey navigating Arizona’s Public Children’s Behavioral Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Child Safety, Juvenile Justice, Department of Special Education, Public Adult Behavioral Health and Department of Corrections Systems. Domingo’s son was one of the original “kids” in the 200 Kids Project where children in out of state Residential Treatment Centers were brought back to Arizona to continue their journey of success.

In April of 2003, Domingo began his career in the Children’s Behavioral Health System as a Family Support Partner serving families in navigating those systems with which he and his son were still involved. As his career progressed, he had the honor of managing programs in both the children’s and adult systems. Domingo is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and is certified in group facilitation for Salsa Sabor y Salud (a nutrition program), Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Strengthening Multi Ethnic Families and Communities, and Latino Multi Family Groups.

Domingo has presented in local, national and international forums on the importance of cultural and linguistic application as they impact the delivery of behavioral health services and success of children and families in underserved communities. He is passionate about supporting families from all walks of life and brings a special interest in helping the Latino/Hispanic, Native American and Refugee (from West Africa) populations. Domingo is a certified ALTA interpreter and translator.

Domingo is a Veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as an aircraft electrician on B52D, KC135, F111D and F16. He is a certified training instructor. He was Honorably Discharged in July 1995. His currently serves as a Program Manager for FIC Parent Support Services.