To assist and support families/caregivers of children/youth with emotional, behavioral and mental health needs, as well as assist policy makers, agencies and providers in transforming systems to ensure children/youth succeed in school, live with families in the community, avoid delinquency, and become productive adults.

Tag Line
Parents Helping Parents: It’s Who We Are and What We Do.

To foster healthy, resilient children and families who are valued and involved in shaping their own care, as well as programs and policies impacting children’s services.

Who We Serve
We help parents who are navigating child-serving systems, such as: Schools, the Department of Child Safety, Juvenile Justice, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral and Physical Health Care, Foster Care and more.

Goals for Children
Live with Their FamiliesSmilingKids-w
Succeed in School
Avoid Delinquency
Become Productive Adults

Measures of Impact
Empowering Parents
Strengthening Youth
Educating Communities
Connecting Families

Benefits of Parent-to-Parent Supporttlc
Increases parent’s self-efficacy
Reduces isolation, shame, and blame
Talking about my child with someone who understands
Learning from a parent who has had similar experiences
Receiving reassurance and helpful information
Solution-focused problem solving
Increased confidence and skills to advocate for my child’s needs
Models hope