FIC's Board

board2-wThe majority of the Board of Directors for Family Involvement Center are parents who have raised children with emotional, physical, or behavioral health needs themselves. In keeping with our mission and the beliefs of FIC's founder, Jane Kallal, the personal experience Board Members bring is invaluable to the leadership and guidance they provide our agency. Our goal is to keep parents and families at the heart of what we do. The lived experience of our Board Members helps us stay true to that vision.

A majority parent Board is also part of what makes our agency unique and what allows us to be part of the network of family-run organizations across the country. We are parents helping parents at every level - from the staff who take calls in our Parent Assistance Center (PAC) to the community members who serve on our Executive Board.

Learn more about FIC's Board Members below.

Current Board Members

Group 4

President, Dawn Schoenstadt

Vice President, Valerie VanAuker

Treasurer, Oly Cowles

Secretary, Carol Barger

Javier Favela

Melissa Coates

Misty Kidder

Ann Gunty

Patti Ritchie-Williams

Cheryl Blinston

Karin Kline

Bernadine Henderson

Colleen McNally

Advisory Board Members

Robin Trush

Carol McDermott

Tom Cummins

Joanne Quinn

Deidre Calcoate

Briselda Rodriguez

Roy Pringle

Volina Armstrong

Rudy Mayfield

Cristal Hicks