Stephanie's Story

I was first referred to FIC by DCS while looking for parenting classes that would fit my schedule.  At the time, my son had been placed in protective care following an incident with his father that left him seriously injured. His injuries included head trauma that led to seizures, memory loss and the inability to perform basic skills and functions.

In order to regain custody of him, I needed to demonstrate that I could care for and protect my son. I needed to find a new place to live that was safe for both of us.  I stayed with family members until I found one and I relied heavily on public transportation for my son’s and my appointments in the meantime.

When I contacted FIC, they shared resources and information with me about programs at FIC and elsewhere that I might be interested in. They showed me that I wasn't alone and their staff offered me parent-to-parent support. Talking with other parents who had experience with DCS was comforting and a huge help. The parenting group I joined at FIC was a great support network.  The group helped me by listening to my whole story without judgment. The information, compassion and support I received through FIC were invaluable to me at a time when I really needed help.

Throughout this difficult period, I maintained my job of nine years with the City of Phoenix. I now have a used vehicle, a new apartment and my son is living with me again. He has been back in my home since November of 2014 and full custody was returned to me in Febraury 2015.

After my son was injured, I had to help him relearn how to crawl, hold items and eat. Today he is walking, eating soft foods, drinking thick liquids, and learning at least one new word every day. He sees the foster family who cared for him previously at least once a week.  We are all working together to support his continued growth and development.

I am thankful for FIC for helping me get through such a challenging situation and I continue to benefit from the support and programs they offer as my son and I move on with our lives.